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This is The Victims of Kaiser Permanente Traveling Quilt Instruction Page for the Rolling Rallies and Hour of Candlelight Events -  These events are far and few between because it is very difficult to organize patients.  They have special needs and transportation is nearly impossible with the vast distances that often must be traveled to participate with this patient group.

This is a Healing Project for All Victims of Kaiser - both Employee and Patient. 

We realize that travel and distance to these rallies can be difficult, especially during mid day events.  Your participation in this quilt project will ensure your presence. 
Link to Why We Are Creating The Kaiser Victim Quilt
Link to view a recent Kaiser Victim Qult Square - A Tribute of Honor and Respect to Michael and Margie Romano sent in by their children at:

Sample of how your square could be set up
On November 25, 2005 KPRC  held a Candle Light Memorial for The Victims of Kaiser.  We have prepared for public viewing a little slide show of what took place.  This is a Windows Media File and for total impact we suggest viewing in full screen.  Please enjoy and appreciate what this group of people has done to Remember The Victims of Kaiser and The For Profit Permanente. 
Link at:

Great tips on printing on fabric from HP at:

A quilt top can be folded up and carried around a lot easier than stiff boards with photographs on it can.  That is why a quilt is being created.  We want a graphic display to show how many people have and are being harmed by the Kaiser and Permanente HMO system. 

Now we realize that many people are disabled, injured, sick, weak, unable to sew or do not have the time to sew so these are really simple instructions that anyone can do. We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone but if someone wishes to do something more elaborate that is appreciated as well.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to take part in the construction of this quilt.

To make the quilt  fit together as neatly as possible we are requesting 12 inch x 12 inch squares. If you can just print it out and are unable to add the extra inches of material don't fret.  We will do it for you. 

I picked up at WalMart a 3 pack of white Sew-In Inkjet Fabric Sheets that was in the fabric/craft section of the store.  They measure 8 1/2 x 11 inches which is perfect for using in your printers. You can create your own printable material by ironing a piece of cloth onto the shiny side of a piece of freezer paper.  It is simple to do and lots of fun. 

I printed out two squares and the printed portions that I made were 8 x 8.  I also placed a dark border around one of the photos to represent the fact that one person had died from Kaiser's Kare.  The other is still living so something more upbeat is appropriate. Both squares have printed on them the patients' names and their pictures.

If the following is too difficult or you do not sew don't fret.  We will take care of it for you:

Quilt squares should be presented just as they print out.  We will be placing a 3 1/2 inch border around them to join the project together.

If you really have difficulty with this then just mail or email to me a photograph and I will make sure that it is printed out and incorporated into the quilt.

I hope that you all can be present to show our elected officials what they have allowed to happen to the people of this state by their lack of enforcement of health related laws..

For those without access to a computer printer you can do anything you want to create this quilt square memorializing a Victim of Kaiser.  It would be nice if you could safety pin on a photograph encased in a plastic bag or some sort or laminated so people can see the victim's picture if you are  unable to print it out.  If you can't sew you can use fabric paints, you can use a marking pen/s, you can glue pieces of material on the square.  Just remember to use appropriate glue so it will hold.

Links to articles on how to transfer to fabric including method to photocopy onto material

I have made it about as simple as I can for everyone to participate in this graphic display of Kaiser Kare so all the world can clearly see what they have done while falsely presenting themselves to the public.  If you personally cannot attend one of the rallies you will be represented in this quilt.  We need these created and sent in to be constructed as soon as possible to:

Attention: Vickie Travis/Quilt Square
P.O. Box 900591
Palmdale, California 93590 

Sample of how your quilt square could be printed out below.

Sample quilt square

Links on how to transfer an image onto material and methods to set the ink:

Great tips on printing on fabric from HP at:

Using freezer paper for printing

How to photocopy onto material: