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How to prepare for a Kaiser Victim Rally and Rally rules.

Prepare some posters ahead of time if you wish to use them.  They can be constructed simply out of regular poster board or I suggest heavy weight Pellon.  Pellon can be found at the yardage section at WalMart, is inexpensive, can be rolled up for storage and does just about anything that poster board can do but will not crumble or take up a lot of space.  Pellon costs the same if not less than poster board.

Posters can have appropriate, non confrontational slogans or simply a picture of a victim of Kaiser and the for profit Permanente.  

If participating in a rally where you may be asked to tell your story and you wish to do so, then planning ahead what you might like to say would be a good thing to do.
Bring a camera or digital camera and/or video camera to take pictures to record the event.  Remember that the employees that work there are afraid of retaliation from the three corporations so please show them courtesy because they are sorting out for themselves if they are doing the right thing by even working there right now.  They probably are finally figuring out that if they become ill or are injured on the job they are up the creek just like all Kaiser victims are.

These events usually last one hour only.  Prepare by using the restroom before the event.  Kaiser will not allow you to use their restroom.

Be of good spirit and show positive community fellowship when participating in all Kaiser Victim rallies.  This is your opportunity to release all the anger, the hatred, the pent up terror from what they have done to you peacefully and constructively.  This is your opportunity to receive validation of what you have gone through.  This is your public opportunity to show respect to those that have suffered "While In The Hands of Kaiser."