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How to prepare your story to present to the press

This short list has been created due to the public interest in how to contact various reporters. It is not complete as it is being put together on the fly.

Advice for contacting the press:  

The competition to get a story in print is fierce.  Reporters are very aware that victims and employees of Kaiser and the for profit Permanente along with all other HMO's wish to have their stories told. They also are aware that the public and professionals harmed wish to make the HMO transparent and expose wrongdoing.

However reporters have professional rules which must be followed.  These are kind people that are aware that terrible things exist in this world but they cannot publish a story without documentation.  Documentation does not mean a written letter telling your woes but does mean any or all of the following - medical records, court documents, government letters, Kaiser coorespondence, including fax and e-mails and sworn statements from medical professionals. In short, you need to provide a paper trail.  If the reporter is interested in the material they will have to be able to verify your documentation.

A single medical horror story, if it is printed will be forgotten in a week or two by the public.  It is more productive for victims of the system to make postive change by presenting that information  with relevant documentation of wrongdoing or to show negligent patterns of behavior with positive plans of action to make change to any reporter .  That means if you have set out to change the law and have contacted legislators, etc., show them the proof.  Find a flaw in the law or a law that needs to be created and write to them about it.  Put together a short package of your documentation and send it off to the reporter of your choice.

For physicians, nurses, any staff personnel of Kaiser, if you want the public to become aware of something then group together and present the information to the media in as large a unit as possible.  Be aware before you do this that Kaiser will probably individually retaliate against you.  Be aware that the various State Boards which appear to be Kaiser controlled will put your under their microscope.  Kaiser may have enough influence over the respective boards to temporarily harm your career.  Knowing this if you still want to do the right thing then neatly put your documentation in a brief package with cover letter and send it off to the reporter of your choice.

If you do not do this as a group effort nothing will really be accomplished but getting your name in the newspaper.  

Important contacts for the public that wish to contact a reporter willing to consider a Kaiser or for Profit Permanente story.  Regarding the few reporters listed on this web page - I have not had any complaints from the public regarding their sincerity, accurate reporting, investigative skills and professional impartiality.  

Los Angeles Times

Tracy Weber 

Charles Ornstein

Daniel Costello

The Oregonian

Don Colburn 

Susan Goldsmith

Biz Journals

Chris Rauber