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Corporations which are prepared to disadvantage patients in their search for profits are the ones which succeed and become the "largest".

The Kaiser Papers Senior Section
The content of the above link is self explanatory.

Kaiser Behavioral Health Experience
The content of the above link is self explanatory

Kaiser and Lyme Disease
Kaiser probably will refuse to test for this disease if you become ill from a tick bite.  It is unlikely that Kaiser will treat you appropriately, and within the accepted standard of care for tick related illness in the event you obtain a diagnosis, either in the system or outside the system from an infectious disease specialist that specializes in tick borne disease.  This section can provide information for obtaining diagnosis and appropriate treatments.

How to get your Medical Records

You need your medical records and should routinely obtain a copy whenever visiting a medical professional.  

What you as a Kaiser patient can do to survive the Kaiser Permanente experience
Appropriate tips gleamed from scores of patients.  These tips can help you to avoid problems if you are stuck in the Kaiser system.

Kaiser Member Survival Guide - Patient Survival Tips from CNA
Self explanatory heading for the above link.  California Nurses Association provides eye opening data.

Your Rights as an HMO Patient
You do have rights and you need to learn what they are.

A Newly recognized pattern for all Kaiser Patients to make note of.

Important pattern we have noticed - Do not get sick in the last and first quarters of any year if you are with Kaiser - They seem to have more people misdiagnosed and denied medical care in that time period. Probably a so called budget problem that time of the year is the cause.

Kaiser and the for profit Permanente Grievance Forms 

How to get a Second Opinion Outside your HMO

Assistance With Obtaining Prescribed Pharmaceuticals

Links for Patient Assistance and Advocacy

Porphyria Information

Further information on contradictions to morphine use

Morphine Overdose Info from MedLine

Kaiser Permanente Bellflower and Baldwin Park

Kaiser DOR experiments on the patient population

Kaiser has a lot of patient studies going on that are paid for by pharmaceutical companies.  Patient's may want to ask their doctor or nurse if they are part of an experiment and check with the FDA for side effects if they have unanswered questions.  

The reported studies are at:,
The information listed is vague on the Kaiser DOR site. All of this is worth looking into for the patient's sake considering what happened with Vioxx and numerous other drugs that are recently in the news. If they are going to experiment on you then they should either pay you for it or at least give you the drugs for free without any co-pay involved for your care.  

Your participation is helping the Kaiser profit margin more than any good for the world that Kaiser can try to convince you is going on. 

Simply by virtue of being a Kaiser member, you and your children are consenting to being part of a great big public database that all sorts of people have access to for all of your medical and other types of information including financial.  That is why universities, government agencies and credit reporting companies love Kaiser.  They will sell them patient confidential information on anything and they won't bat an eye doing it.  HIPAA helps them do it.

Also openly question data from the FDA, the CDC,  Kaiser and the CDC reported that in 1991 there was a measles epidemic in this country.  In 1991 I was caring for an infant and could not recollect any mention of any epidemic in that time period.  I checked with DHS reporting and with CDC reporting in that time period and there was no epidemic of measles in this country in 1991.  They simply made up a story about an epidemic to justify forcing a financially profitable vaccine on the public.  Just one CDC link to check out for example:  

This past year Kaiser staff  has also scared young mothers that questioned them into consenting to have their children receive the pnuemonia vaccine.  Kaiser staff in at least one location foolishly told at least one parent that thousands of children last year (2004) suffered horribly from the flu and thousands died from pnuemonia.  It never happened and Kaiser should be ashamed that their staff would act like that.  Please educate yourselves before submitting you or your children to any experimentation.  If the doctors have nothing to hide they won't have a problem showing you the proof of anything they say.